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20 January 2022

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Le S&P 500 – Un indice très diversifié, peu concentré

The trade balance deficit – a French problem ?

6 January 2022

The presidential elections will be held in a few months in France and one can be sure that the candidates will use their usual dramatic rhetoric to describe the French economy. We will hear words like “economic downgrading”, “lack of competitiveness”, “lack of reforms”, and so on. It is not risky to bet that the […]

France: Ranked 1st in Europe

16 December 2021

It’s easy to find people to criticize France, to say that the Germans are doing better, that the French economy is sclerotic, etc., we know the song. And then there are the data, the GDP figures which show that France is the country, among the big 4 in Europe, which has overcome this health crisis […]

A very binary equity market

14 December 2021

We live in a world of thumbs-up and thumbs-down that leaves little room for nuance as many observers say. Everyone will have their own opinion on the evolution of the world and society, but the fact is that the stock market also seems to be affected by “binarity”. Historically, the notion of average valuation regarding […]

The car has no future … really?

9 December 2021

Some people think that the car has no future because young people no longer require a driving license and prefer to take the train or to carpool. This is a distortion of reality. The number of driving licenses issued each year remains stable or even increases slightly. There were 905,000 new drivers in France each […]

The book will be replaced by the metaverse

1 December 2021

Elon Musk is a genius, his story is incredible, few people will dispute that. But that would be reducing life to its economic dimension, which is very reductive. Like many sectors, culture is greatly disrupted by new technologies and the new generation that is arriving. Elon Musk is a forerunner and unfortunately it is true […]

Discrimination on the stock market

24 November 2021

There is no one in the financial markets to speak out against injustice or discrimination. This is normal since the stock market is naturally discriminating. The criteria are not necessarily objective, but the result is obvious: there are companies that capture the favor of investors much more than others. It is important to keep in […]

The transmission channel of rising prices

19 November 2021

The high levels of inflation around the world continue to be puzzling. We present here the dynamics of producer prices (PPI) and that of consumer prices (CPI). We have intentionally kept the same scale on the y-axis for comparison between countries. It is interesting to note the strong transmission of production costs to consumers in […]

European countries have followed very different energy policies

17 November 2021

If there is one subject where the average means nothing, it is energy in Europe. European countries have embraced very different strategies in terms of energy production. We know that France made a very strong choice in the 1970s with its “all nuclear” policy. The other European countries did not follow suit. Natural gas is […]

The Question-Box

8 November 2021

Discover the Marigny Capital Question-Box written by Tristan Abet, our Cross Asset Strategist. Download the Question-Box 

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