Since its inception, Marigny Capital has supported projects in favor of the protection of the environment.

The Sea Cleaners

Marigny Capital supports the project of the association The Sea Cleaners. Created by navigator and explorer Yvan Bourgnon, the association has set itself the goal of cleaning up the oceans of plastic waste through the construction of the revolutionary ship MANTA, a plastic waste collector.

Review of the conference given by Yvan Bourgnon to present his project to our partners: Watch the video




Environmental responsibility has been part of Marigny Capital's values since its creation.
We reaffirm this commitment by participating in reforestation.

See details on the Reforest'action website


Les joyeux recycleurs 

We used the services of Happy Recyclers to equip our offices with recycling boxes. This is how we collect plastic bottles, cans, coffee grounds, paper, corks, ink cartridges, lamps, batteries, pens, etc.




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